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Dear website visitors,

Who likes to discuss matters concerning his most private parts or talk about illnesses of the genito-urinary tract?

As urologistst we know this all too well. Many of the thousands of patients visiting our medical office have been very reluctant to make their first appointment here.

This is the best thing you can do though. Urology is not only concerned with the bladder or diseases of the renal pelvis, but also with malignant diseases such as bladder, testicular or prostate cancer.

Statistically, every third man over the age of 65 could be affected. As with all kinds of cancer, the earlier the cancer is discovered the better the chances are of recovery. You are able to examin yourself with this short test.

Accepting that you need to go to an urologist is often hard, at least the first time. We are aware of that and take your feelings very seriously. Your health is our mission.

I’ll take time for you – and that’s a promise!

Best regards,
Dr. Katja Stier

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