Urologie Zehlendorf

Prostate biopsy

The aim of the prostate biopsy – that is the removal of a small amount of tissue from the prostate gland – is to check for prostate cancer.

For this, 6 to 12 cylinders of tissue are taken from the prostate according to a precise system.
The procedure talks place under constant ultrasound control. It is uncomfortable but not painful as the puncture site is anesthatized locally.

A prophylactic antibiotic is mandatory prior to the procedure as the colon is impossible to keep sterile even in the most rigorous sanitary conditions.

This method does not cause any risk of a prostate cancer spreading.

It is important that the patient ceases any medication that might inhibit blood clotting prior to the operation such as Aspirin or Plavix.

The public health insurance covers the costs of the standard prostate biopsy with 6 cores of tissue.
More effective and in accordance with modern scientific findings is the biopsy with at least 10 or 12 needles.
This extended biopsy, very much in the interests of the patient must be paid for by the patients themselves.