Urologie Zehlendorf

Did you know?

… that four of the most important types of cancer in adult men can be discovered during an extended urological check-up and then nearly always successfully treated?

… that the start of erection problems can be an urgent pointer towards serious and not yet discovered basic diseases which can, in some cases, lead to heart attacks and strokes?

… that men also have a “menopause”, rather “andropause” or late onset hypogonadism? The resulting damage to the general health of the man, such as osteoporosis and decreased muscle mass, can be avoided by corresponding therapy, if discovered in time.

… that smoking cigarettes not only leads to lung cancer but also bladder cancer? And, the number of new onset bladder cancer is higher in women than men.

… that about 90 percent of men suffer from a benign enlarged prostate and that 30 percent need to be operated upon, a process which is much more gentle nowadays.

… that men with a lower testosterone level suffer and die much more often of cardiovascular disease?

… that everything good for the heart is good for the prostate? That means though that any form of overeating or malnutrition or a heightened fat content does not only damage the heart but also increases the risk of prostate cancer.

… that a women’s health report has existed since 2001, published by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth?

… that men on the other hand have such a bad lobby that the government refused for 10 years to have a men’s health report published?

… that Botox (Botulinumtoxin) is not only used in cosmetic surgery but is also used by urologists in the treatment of incontinence?