Urologie Zehlendorf

Medical assistants

The Medical Assistants (MFA) in our team are certified specialists and have, for the most part, years of experience within the field of urology. They are dedicated to each patient and see in every patient a person and not just a number in the waiting line – which is very important to us.

They are responsible for all the positions in the doctor’s office via rotation, thus ensuring that each member of staff is up to date and experienced. Each assistant is qualified in one area of specialization, too.

Petra Krieg, the head medical assistant, has over 20 years of professional experience and has specialist training in laboratory diagnostics and oncology. She organizes the routine in the doctor’s office.
Kerstin Borchert is responsible for the large amount of correspondence with patients and colleagues and as a former secretary, manages this task quickly and efficiently. She is the deputy quality management representative.